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Tour Group Bangladesh belongs to those who have affection for traveling and who are individual travelers. We would be delighted to provide support to those who really love to roam around, no matter where the destination is. Let’s discover home first & then the earth! This is a test about us! Welcome to visit Bangladesh, a land of rivers, high lands with evergreen fields and forests. A country is very different from any other countries not only for the exquisite nature but also for the amicable and hospitable people.

Make your travel Easy, Enjoyable and Perfect with Tour Group BD. We provide a well-trained guide with good communication skill in a budgeted rate to explore every corner of Bangladesh. We share our deep love for ecotourism, respect the cultures we are visiting and inspire people to travel. Avoid large public tours because a small group style of travel means you’ll stay under the radar, travel the local way, eat & sleep the local way. Our groups are small enough to feel like you’re exploring a destination independently, but big enough to create a good social vibe. Enjoy your holiday in the careful guidance and support of TGB. The packages will be customized to suit your taste. On this website you will find some suitable tour packages and travel tips from the experts. Have a nice tour with us in our loving Bangladesh. We are only an e-mail or a phone call away from answering any queries you may have.









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Imranul Alam
Founder and Managing Director

It was my dream to be a part of the reason of people’s laughter. Yes, I got the opportunity in Tour Group BD (TGB) or as a founder; we have created this opportunity.

Rahi Rafsan
Founder and Managing Director

Hi this is Rahi Rafsan from Kurigram, Bangladesh. As a profession I’m an accounts officer as well as one of the Founder of Tour Group BD (TGB). I love traveling. It’s my passion. I believe Traveling has the ability to take you out of our daily routine and into new surroundings and experiences and this can reset your body and mind.

AR Remon
Chief Financial Officer

Hi this is Remon. From the beaning my journey start with TGB. Though I love traveling so as a profession I enjoy it very much. Our company is loyal and our all the host are energetic and professional. Let’s discover the home fast then the earth with TGB.

Hasnat Kiron

Hasnat Kiron has been with the bonding of TGB since 2014 and presently serving as a Manager (Operations). Great passion for exploring new places led his career in the tourism industry in Bangladesh, especially with TGB as TGB started booming officially in 2014. He found his journey with TGB as a blessing for him as he believes that TGB is a unique platform for the travel thirsty and adventurous ones to explore the beauty of Mother Nature.

Md. Asif Imtiaz

Over 3 years, Md. Asif Imtiaz has been a guide in the travel sector of Bangladesh. You may know him as his work as the host at Tour Group BD (TGB). Tour group BD is the most famous travel agency in Bangladesh since 2009.
Imtiaz has been honored with the best host for his helping nature on different trips. He often quotes that" I am very lucky for being a host in TGB because it is like the best meditation for me after five times salat and help me to meet various people."

Aium Chowdury

This is Aium Chowdury, from Dhaka. As a processing I’m an accounts officer as well as one of the moderator of Tour Group BD (TGB). I am a traveller. I travel a lot. TGB is a platform where people come to explore the nature. I feel overwhelmed when I see a lot of people to join us and be a part of us.

Rakib Apo

This is Rakib. I'm a Host and Moderator of Tour Group BD. I called my self a full time traveler and part time job holder. As my full time profession I have been working at BRAC NGO in the Monitoring Department. Traveling is my passion. I feel suffocated if i don't travel for long (for me long is 2 weeks. I want to travel around the world, see new culture and people, taste new food and find peace.

Shamim Fardous Kanak

This is Shamim Fardous Kanak from Dhaka. In my profession I am doing business. Beside this I am a traveler. I have spent a good amount of time for travelling and visit lots of places in Bangladesh and abroad. I was started my amazing travelling life with the best recognize online travel group in Bangladesh "Tour Group BD - TGB" from 2017 and still with them. TGB always committed to meet and exceed customer expectations and ensure their satisfaction with provided services. I feel proud to be a part of this company and be a TGBian.

Sayed Imran

This is Sayed Imran from Jhenaidah. As a procession I am an Engineer. I am doing this from 2016. Beside this I am a traveller. I travel a lot. Tour Group BD is a platform where people come to explore. I feel happy when I join with them and be a part of them.