Trip Start Date
Trip Duration
3 Days
Group Size
24 Person
Arrival From
Panthapath/ Fokirapol
Non-Ac / Ac Bus

Bandarban City Eid Trip 24 April

Arrival On
Hillview Hotel

Bandarban is a picturesque hill district located in the southeastern part of Bangladesh, known for its stunning natural beauty and diverse indigenous cultures. This region is home to several ethnic minority communities, including the Marma, Chakma, and Tripura people, and boasts breathtaking landscapes, such as waterfalls, forests, and mountains. Travelers to Bandarban can enjoy a range of outdoor activities, including trekking, hiking, and camping, while also experiencing the unique local customs and traditions of this enchanting destination.


Non-Ac Bus Share Package 

  • 6500/- Per Person   4P Share 

Non-Ac Bus Couple/Two-Person Package 

  • 7250/-  Per Person 



Journey star from Dhaka to Bandarban

Drive Distance: 326.2 km | Drive Duration: 7-8 hours | Pick-up point for Tour Group BD Guest Saudia Bus Counter or another one.



Drive Distance:  | Drive Duration:  | Altitude Gain: 

Early in the morning we will get off the bus and go to the hotel. Hotel check-in time is usually after 12 noon. If the room is available, I will check in the room immediately or I will freshen up in the restaurant's fresh room and have breakfast first. After that, I will go to the Meghla tourist center by Chadergari. Meghla will come back and check in at the hotel and have lunch after freshening up. After a bit of rest, I will leave for Nilachal. Spend the afternoon in Nilachal and return to the hotel in the evening. Then free time. I will have dinner after chatting and talking. 


Bandarban City to Nilachal and Dhaka

Drive Distance: 10 km | Drive Duration: 7-8 hours | Altitude Gain: 1600 ft to 171 ft

Our journey will start early in the morning. After getting fresh in the morning, I will first check out of the hotel room and leave the luggage in the designated common room for freshening up. Then we will travel to the Nilgiris. On the way, I will have breakfast in the army canteen. After an hour's drive in the Nilgiris, we will go to the Double Hand View Point. After that, I will visit Chimbuk Hill and Shailyaprapat and come back to the hotel in the afternoon. After returning to the hotel, I will freshen up and have lunch. Then free time till evening. If you want, you can take a rest in the room or you can visit the city of Bandarban at your own pace. There is a Burmese market and bazaar if you want to do some shopping. After dinner, I will return to Dhaka by night bus.

****Plans are subject to change due to weather and conditions.

Will be in Dhaka in the morning In Sha Allah.

Cost include Excluded

Packages Include:

  • Dhaka- Bandarban– Dhaka Non-Ac Bus Ticket
  • Accommodation for the night.
  • Mineral water for drinking during the trip. 
  • Accompanied Guide during the trip.

Packages Exclude:

  • Any Drink Soft or Hard
  • Personal Cost
  • Travel Insurance
  • Medical Facilities

Payment Method

Bank Payment

AC Name: Tour Group BD
AC No.1641100026552
Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd (Mirpur Branch)
Routing Number: 090263136

Mobile Payment

Bkash Marchant: 01840238946 (Bkash Payment with Cash out Charge)

Bkash Personal: 01877722855, 01877722851 (Send Money with Cash out Charge)

For other payment options call our Manager at +8801840238946

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21 Seats Available

Event Price: 6500 Taka

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