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Trip Duration
8 Days
Group Size
15 Person
Sandakphu Trek India
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Non Ac Bus

Sandakphu Trek 19 October

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Sandakphu Trek India
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The Amazing View of Four World's Highest Mountains

The world's best hike is Sandakphu Phalut. It offers stunning views of four of the world's largest mountains. This tour unites people and the environment. The Everest cluster is left of Phalut. These include Lhotse and Makalu, the fourth- and fifth-highest mountains. The chance to witness these three stunning peaks at once is once in a lifetime. The "Sleeping Buddha" to your right is prettier. The mountain resembles a sleeping person. The world's third-highest mountain, Kanchenjunga, dominates this bizarre ridge. The Sleeping Buddha is visible in Sabalgram campground in the morning. Trekkers cry at the view. Sandakphu-Phalut is our favorite sunrise/sunset spot. No sunset has been better from Aahl. A gorgeous cloud sea descends below Aahl at sunset. Clouds roll in like tidal waves. In this lovely cloud pot, the sun is setting. The Sleeping Buddha and Everest cluster illuminate our area orange. The trip's most emotional moments. Consider this vacation purely for the sunrises and sunsets. On no trip have the sunrise and sunset been so magnificent. As expected, hikers love Singalila National Park. The most bamboo and rhododendrons are there. Woods are lovely.

Long bamboo rises over Samanden. Walking under bamboo is unusual. A canopy of high bamboo stalks casts a beautiful green radiance. Thick, close-together bamboo stalks create a fantastic world. Sandakphu is one of India's top three spring rhododendron hikes. Pink, red, scarlet, and white flowers decorate the slope, creating a lovely scene. Some of our guides have observed red pandas in these woods. You may spot Himalayan black bears, red pandas, or clouded cats on this hike. We're excited to learn about Indo-Nepali culture while traveling! We enter and exit Nepal throughout the journey. Some of our campgrounds contain Nepalese cooking tents and Indian sleeping tents.

Our trip leaders want to stay. Their multiculturalism makes them joyful. Tea business owners are friendly and helpful. A warm cup of tea and a friendly smile await in one of the tea rooms. Buddhism is everywhere. Tibetan and Nepali flavors complement each other. Our favorite bread is bhukiya roti. It complements fresh fruit jams. However, we love Nepali Thukpa. Different from city thukpa. Remember to take home the Dalle Khursani, one of the hottest chillies. Bamboo shoot pickles and yak cheese Churpi complete your homecoming.

The Sandakphu-Phalut hike is a spiritual Sleeping Buddha pilgrimage. However, it offers a rare culture, a bamboo and azalea forest, and unmatched sunrises and sunsets.

The View of Four World's Tallest Mountains You'll Never Forget. The Sandakphu Phalut Trek is unique. Four of the world's tallest peaks are visible, which is fantastic. The vacation combines nature and culture. To the left of Phalut is the Everest cluster, which includes Lhotse and Makalu. From a high point, you can glimpse these three gorgeous hills at once once in a lifetime.

The "Sleeping Buddha" on your right is more intriguing. Uncanny how the mountain resembles a sleeping person. The third-highest mountain in the world, Kanchenjunga, dominates this oddly shaped massif. You can wake up to the sleeping Buddha from our Sabalgram camp. The scenery often makes trekkers cry.

Sandakphu-Phalut is our favorite global sunrise and sunset spot. Aahl's sunset is the most magnificent we've seen. An twilight cloud sea descends below Aahl in a remarkable natural phenomena. Like ocean waves, clouds come and go. In this lovely cloud pot, the sun sets softly. The brightly illuminated Everest cluster and Sleeping Buddha are everywhere. Some of the saddest portions of the trip.

We want you to hike this trail to observe the sunrises and sunsets. None of our trips have had such magnificent sunrises and sunsets. Singalila National Park is popular among hikers. World-leading bamboo and azalea woods exist. Beautiful woodlands.The bamboo over Samanden is long. Walking under a bamboo tree is unique. Nature's ceiling of tall bamboo stalks filters sunlight into a mellow green hue. The thick, close-together bamboo sticks create a fascinating, mysterious realm.

Sandakphu is one of Indiahikers' top three spring rhododendron walks. A magical moment is created by bright pink, crimson, scarlet, and white flowers on the slope.

In these woods, our tour leaders have seen a red panda once or twice. Himalayan black bears, red pandas, and clouded leopards are improbable yet possible on this trip. We're delighted to study Indo-Nepali customs on the hike. The hike takes us in and out of Nepal. In some sites, sleeping tents are in India and cooking tents are in Nepal.Our trek leaders don't want to leave. They enjoy this multiculturalism. The tea room families are known for their friendliness. You get a cup of tea and a grin when you enter a tea house. Buddhism has always existed.

Nepali and Tibetan cuisine are served. Bhukiya roti is a tasty bread we love. It complements fresh fruit jams. However, we love Nepalese Thukpa! It's nothing like city thukpa. Bring home Dalle Khursani, one of the world's hottest chillies. Bamboo shoot pickles and yak cheese Churpi complete your homecoming. The Sandakphu-Phalut hike is a spiritual Sleeping Buddha pilgrimage. However, it offers a rare culture, a bamboo and azalea forest, and unmatched sunrises and sunsets.


Non-Ac Bus Share Package 

  • 18500/- Per Person  



Journey star from Dhaka to Burimari (Changrabandha)

Drive Distance: 402 km | Drive Duration: 11-12 hours | Pick-up point for Tour Group BD Guest Technical Bus Counter


Changrabandha to Manebhanjan

Drive Distance: 151 km | Drive Duration: 5-6 hours | Altitude Gain: 7054 ft

After getting cleaned up, we are going to eat breakfast at the counter in the morning. Following that, we are going to begin our job at the border. After we have successfully completed the border crossing, we will stop for lunch in Shillong, and then we will continue on to our destination with the intention of relaxing there. In Manebhanjan, we are going to spend the night.


Journey star from Manebhanjan to Tumling 

Drive Distance: 54 km | Drive Duration: 3-4 hours | Altitude Gain: 9600 ft

We will travel to Tumling via automobile after departing from Manebhanjan. Starting today will be the beginning of our hiking and trekking journey. Beginning in Tumling, we will hike to Gairibas, and then continue on to Kalapokhri. The overall time spent hiking is estimated to be between five and seven hours.


Tumling to Sandakphu

Drive Distance: 7.5 km | Drive Duration:  | Altitude Gain: 11930 ft

Following our morning meal, we will get our backpacks on and start hiking in the direction of Sandakphu, which is our final destination. Sandakphu is where we will spend the night.


Journey star from Sandakphu to Falut

Drive Distance: 12.5 km | Drive Duration:  |   Altitude Gain: 11790 ft

Following our time in Sandakphu, we will continue on to Falut, which serves as the journey's last endpoint. The route to Falut will consist entirely of walking and will cover a distance of around 20 kilometers.


Falut  to Gorkhey

Drive Distance: 44 km+117km | Drive Duration: 3+5 hours | Altitude Gain: 7700 ft

Following our stop in Falut, the next stop on our route will be Gorkhey. Gorkhey is where we will be staying the night.


Gorkhey to Manebhanjan

Drive Distance: 177 km | Drive Duration: | Altitude Gain: 7054 ft

We will begin our journey by hiking to Ramam from Gorkhey, and then continue on to Sri Khola once we have arrived there. In Sri Khola, which is also referred to as Manebhanjan, we will spend the night.


Manebhanjan to Changrabandha

Drive Distance: 151 km | Drive Duration: 5-6 hours | 

Following our morning meal of breakfast, we will get on the road and head to Manebhanjan. We will travel across the border in the afternoon, and then take a bus to Dhaka that stays overnight.



In Sha Allah Early Morning, we are in our Sweet Home.

Cost include Excluded


  • Dhaka-Burimari-Dhaka Non Ac bus.
  • Local Transport 
  • Accommodation on a shared basis.
  • Meal – As per meal plan.
  • All sightseeing.
  • Pick-up and drop assistance.


  • Any kinds of Personal Expenses.
  • Cable Car fee (350 Rupi).
  • Visa, Travel tax, and speed money at the border.
  • The Services of the Vehicle are not included in leisure time & after finishing the sightseeing tour as per the itinerary.
  • Any Drinks (Alcoholic, Mineral, Aerated), Tips/ gratuities, camera fee, etc. Medical and travel insurance,
  • Extra hotel nights due to flight cancellations, road blockages, or mishandled luggage.

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