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Tour Group Bangladesh belongs to those who have affection for traveling and who are individual travelers. We would be delighted to provide support to those who really love to roam around, no matter where the destination is. Let’s discover home first & then the earth!


We are very happy to welcome you for travelling with us. We have events in every week end and government holidays. Moreover we can also arrange special events for groups.


We are very happy to welcome you to our cottages. We have cottages at Sajek, St. Martin, Srimangal and a boat (Sindabad Tori) for our guests comfort. Moreover we can also arrange special accommodation for groups.

Lushai Cottage (Sajek)

A hill view cottage in Sajek Rangamati. From here you can see the beauty of cloud. This cottage is made by wood a bamboo so people like it very much.

Adrika Eco Cottage (Sajek)

A hill view cottage at Sajek. Just come and see the Infinity earth from Adrika Eco cottage Sajek.

Nonajol Beach Resort (St. Martin)

A Beach View Eco Resort in St Martin's Island. One of the best suitable place to stay at Saint Martin. Nice environment with good facilities.

Tilagaon Eco Village (Srimangal)

Most peaceful and calming place I've ever stayed. Countless number of birds and they love to sing from dawn to dusk. National tea state is just next to the resort, you can spend a serene, sublime day, just rent a battery driven auto and you will have a memorable day. You can explore up to Madabpur Lake which itself is a peaceful place

Sindabad Tori (Tanguar Haor)

It is a “Promod Tori” with all the modern facilities like bed, toilet, change room, life jacket, generator for electricity, kitchen and many more. We will be very happy to server you with our best abilities..

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